Among other areas, Karcag Industrial Park focuses on the food industry and food logistics branches. This is backed by the strong agricultural economic tradition of the city. According to plans the industrial park will participate in the development of the Nagykun Food Industry Park. With an eye to education and production it will—among other things—provide an opportunity to develop greenhouses on 12 hectares. It will also play a role in the establishment of a rapeseed processing plant.

The food industry economic profile is well supplemented by other “green” branches, especially renewable energy production and waste recycling. Karcag Industrial Park took its first steps down this path at its construction launch in 2012, designating part of the industrial park’s northern half as Hungary’s first and only “Eco-park”.

The Industrial Park is proud to be home to the E-Waste Management Center. Further, the establishment of a plant for recycling and granulating PET bottles is under way.

Karcag Industrial Park’s environmental consciousness is ensured not only be the activities of the companies operating in it, but further by its active involvement with the municipal government of the city of Karcag in zoning and planning neighboring land. Plans for an educational hiking trail were completed in 2014, in which the industrial park had an active role.