Karcag Industrial Park is located alongside the Budapest-Szolnok-Oradea Trans-European corridor (TEN-T corridor), on both sides of Highway 4, in the southeastern part of the city. Main freight rail line no. 100 (which can handle high traffic), running along the Budapest-Szolnok-Debrecen-Nyíregyháza-Záhony line, runs right next to the industrial park, as does the Tiszafüred-Karcag spur. The Karcag rail yard is right next to the industrial park, making the territory suitable for intermodal transportation and shipping.

Proximity to international borders
Ukraine (Záhony): 184 km
Slovakia (Tornyosnémeti): 175 km
Serbia (Röszke): 150 km
Romania (Ártánd): 74 km

Urban centers
Budapest: 175 km
Szolnok: 70 km
Debrecen: 66 km
Nyíregyháza: 114 km

Kunmadaras Airport: 18 km
Debrecen International Airport: 70 km
Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Budapest: 154 km