Size of plot: 50.000 m2
Size of construction area: 10.115 m2
Beginning of construction: March, 2013
Completion: March 18, 2014
Activity: processing of e-waste

New jobs created:
-     Currently: 76 persons

The E-Waste Management Center investment was created to safely and efficiently reuse electric and electronic equipment from homes and institutions that is out of date, out of order or redundant.

The project is unique in that it does not merely take on one aspect of e-waste reuse, but as a solution covers the entire complex process from selection to secondary raw material production and energy production.

The daily capacity of the plant is 90 tons per day, or the processing of 4.000 tons of refrigerators and 18.000 tons of other electric and electronic equipment per year, which is 30% of Hungary’s e-waste.