Karcag Industrial Park is a member of the InfoGroup group of companies

The InfoGroup group of companies has been active on the Hungarian real estate market for 27 years. The group was established by Hungarians private individuals and is a Hungarian-owned property development company. With an eye to sales and leasing we organize office and industrial property investments primarily on land owned ourselves.

Up until the 1990s the group of companies worked mainly in residential real estate. In 2001 it expanded its profile and became active in the commercial property development market (office buildings, industrial parks). Since 2012 its activities have been supplemented by taking on ownership roles in industrial projects and leading project management. These portfolio investments include: waste management, plastics industry, services. Since 2013 the group of companies has been active in the area of venture capital and has established companies to support incubator houses.

Today the circle of owners-leaders encompasses the experience and knowledge of two generations to secure the future of the group of companies and the achievement of its ambitious goals. Both generations are represented by financial experts, who are a guarantor of the company’s financial stability and the financing and execution of projects.